Your New Best Friends

So we are pretty sure you’re wondering, who the heck is Nic & Nev? Well, let us introduce ourselves! Nicole D’Amico and Nevena Meier are the dynamic duo working behind the scenes for  We were two students who met in an elevator our very first year at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, became the best of friends, & the rest is history. I won’t mention the year we met, because neither one of us likes to think about how fast time flies, but let’s just say it was a while ago. Despite me living on the east coast and Nevena residing on the west, we are still the best of friends, and Love collaborating with each other for creative projects. I would like to take this time to send a very special thank you to Nevena, for her constant words of encouragement, being a beautiful friend, social media genius, and for being the fabulous creator of everyone’s favorite Instagram fashion and food posts.

Since launching more than a year and a half ago, this new endeavor has set us both on an ever changing journey. And since we both enjoy connecting with each other about our daily life experiences, the decision to share them with our followers was an obvious next step. So what can our readers expect to see from Nic & Nev? Everything from Fashion to Food, & Musings on our ever day Lives & Family. We are hoping you are able to experience the similarities and differences that make our friendship beautiful, unique, inspiring, and most importantly full of laughter. So please feel free to stop by to visit and laugh with us, we are looking forward to becoming everyone’s new best friends.

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