Shine✨ this Fall With Nik & Nev

Ah, the influx of fall décor catalogs and local circulars featuring Halloween costumes, the tried-and-true signifier that summer has come to an end. Yes, once again we have been forced to remove our flip-flops, bid farewell to the smell of fresh-cut grass, the backyard barbecues & road trips to the shore. But do not fret my friends, for all is not lost. With the packing away of our summer apparel comes the unearthing of all of our fall favorites. And Nik & Nev are here to help you fashionably prepare for the new season!

Playing with color is a fall trend that I am looking forward to this season. Mixing up your everyday look with pops of bold color is such a wonderful way to add a bit of ‘sunshine’ to your wardrobe. So I recently mentioned to Nevena, that we just had a Primark open near us. To which she replied, “What’s a Primark?” Gasp. Oh the horror. What is Primark?! How does one answer that question simply? Primark is what affordable fashion dreams are made of. Affordable and fabulous fashions for the whole family, and that my friends, is a dream come true.

I put together a Mommy and mini look, and Primark was there to help me pair some fab pieces with boldly colored wardrobe staples. And for those of you, who have not yet been blessed with a Primark in your area, Nevena was able to hit up H&M and Urban Outfitters to bring you equally fabulous looks to help you all shine this fall. Stay Tuned!

Primark Style For Mommy & her Mini

Find a Primark Near You! Store Directory

Mustard Faux Fur Collar Coat  View Here
Mustard Black and White Sweater  View Here
Black Super Stretch Skinny Jean  View Here
Peace Love Joy Bar Pendant by Grace Adena  Shop Here
Black Tassel Boot  View here
Black Bucket Zip Backpack  View Here

Mommy’s Mini

Mustard Cardigan  View Here
Black Dot Turtleneck  View Here
Black Stretch Leggings   View Here
Black Space Retro Sneakers  View Here
Faux Fur Novelty Bag  View Here
Bright Charm Bracelet  View Here

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