DIY For The ‘Winter Skin Blues’

Over the years I’ve probably purchased every dry skin lotion available at my local pharmacy, but it wasn’t until I started experimenting with natural oils that I finally found relief. Oil can be intimidating, especially since so many people associate oils with the dreaded skin foe, ACNE. But many oils possess amazing skin nourishing properties, such as essential fatty acids, antioxidants and inflammation relief to help you fight all of your winter skin ailments. Below you’ll find one of my ‘go to’ home recipes for dry itchy skin, complete with purchase links 🙂

Rose & Jojoba Moisturizing Spray

8 0z Aluminum Spray Bottle

Rose Water

Jojoba Oil

Vegetable Glycerin

Rose Hip Seed Oil


Rose Water is a wonderful ingredient due not only to it’s wonderful fragrance, but the added benefit of Vitamin C. However, if you would prefer not to use Rose Water please feel free to substitute with distilled or filtered water. Start off by filling a little more than half of your container with the Rose Water. Next, fill the bottle about 3/4 of the way to the top with Jojoba Oil. Don’t worry the measurements don’t have to be exact, and that’s why DIY recipes are so awesome! Feel free to add less oil and more water for a lighter moisturizer. Add about an ounce of Vegetable Glycerin and 5 -6 drops of Rose Hip Seed oil (or any essential oil of your choice). And that’s it! You’re now on your way to nourished glowing skin. *Note – For times when my skin is exceptionally dry, I adjust the recipe a little for more moisturizing power. Instead of using Jojoba Oil, which is a lighter oil, I use Avocado Oil or Coconut Oil. These oils are on the heavier side, so they make great night time moisturizers. Enjoy!



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