Avocado & Cashew Smoothie Bowl

I refrained from making any public New Year’s resolutions because I am infamous for not following through with them. But I made a promise to myself, that after the holidays, I would get back on track in regards to eating better. It’s just that during the holiday season, like many of us, I tend to overindulge. So this morning, I decided to get back to the basics, and my Vitamix is always there to assist me. I whipped up a quick smoothie bowl, because like most moms, my mornings tend to be a bit hectic, so simple is always best. I try to always keep bananas (frozen and fresh), avocados, berries and raw nuts on hand to help me out. I love banana and avocado together! It makes a wonderfully creamy base that you can add seeds or nuts to, in order to create a bit of crunch and texture. Here’s a super simple recipe that is delicious and super easy to make, enjoy!

Avocado & Cashew Smoothie Bowl


1 *Frozen Banana

1/2 Of An Avocado

1 Teaspoon Organic Vanilla Extract

1/2 Raw Cashews

1/4 – 1/2 cup of Unsweetened Almond Cashew Milk

*I find that adding a frozen banana always adds the perfect amount of sweetness to my smoothies, but please feel free to add additional sweeteners to your taste. Dates are always a delicious and sweet addition to any smoothie 🙂


Add Banana, Avocado, Vanilla Extract and Cashews to Blender (I used a Vitamix), and blend. Slowly add the milk until you reach your preferred consistency. I used a little less than a half cup. Transfer to bowl and top with cashews, seeds, or both.




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