Homemade Carrot Oil

This recipe requires just two ingredients, so it couldn’t be easier to make. This oil is potent and extremely nourishing and can be applied directly to your skin or incorporated into a variety of hair and skin products. Enjoy!


What you’ll need:

Slow Cooker

Vegetable Peeler

Fine Mesh Strainer

8 oz Mason Jars

2 lbs of Organic Carrots (i may have actually used a bit more. please use less if needed, ingredients can be adjusted accordingly)

Organic Coconut Oil


Peel, Wash & Dry your carrots. Cut them into small slices and transfer to your food processor (i used my Vitamix). Coarsely chop the carrots and then pour into your slow cooker. Cover your carrots entirely with the coconut oil (warm to liquefy). For this recipe, I chose to use coconut oil, but almost any pure oil may be used. Here are some other options: Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil or Sesame Seed Oil. Once your carrots are covered in your oil of choice cover with the lid and set slow cooker to warm. Here is where patience comes into play. For best results, cook your carrots for a minimum of 24 hours but 72 is ideal. I began cooking mine early on a Friday morning and turned them off late that Sunday afternoon.

When they are finished cooking, turn your slow cooker off and allow the carrots to cool. Using a mesh strainer, carefully press the oil from the carrots into a bowl. I put my oil through the strainer multiple times to ensure I got a majority of the carrot particles that managed to get through. Once strained, store in your frigerator to maintain maximum freshness.





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