Winter Skin Blues Part Two

Ugh. So I’ve still been battling dry itchy skin for the last month or so, and decided to start rummaging around my kitchen again to find some relief. I started thinking about a carrot oil based cream I had purchased some years ago. This cream was like heaven in a jar, and for the life of me I can’t remember where I purchased it. So I started wondering, can I make my own carrot cream? I decided I could and would! This whipped carrot oil & shea butter cream required a bit of patience, but it was easy to create and my skin is glowing with approval. Enjoy!



Ingredients & Supplies Needed:

Mixer (purchase here)

Double Boiler (purchase here)

8 oz Glass Mason Jar or BPA free Plastic Jar

1/4 Cup Carrot Oil (recipe here)

1 1/2 Cup Pure Shea Butter ( i may have used a bit more, as I prefer a thicker cream) (purchase here)

1/4 Cup Organic Beeswax Pellets (purchase here)

20 – 40 Drops of Vanilla Essential Oil (please use any essential oil of your choice, and don’t be scared to use more than one!)


Fill bottom pot of double boiler with water, and then place on stove.  Turn stove burner to low/medium heat. Once water begins to simmer, pour in beeswax and watch closely as melting will begin quickly. When all of the beeswax is melted, turn burner off and remove pot from heat. Allow beeswax to cool for a few minutes. Next using a rubber spatula, transfer beeswax into your mixing bowl along with the carrot oil, shea butter, and the essential oil. Use mixer to blend ingredients until a creamy/fluffy texture has been achieved. If the mixture is too thick for your taste, please feel free to add a little distilled or filtered water. Transfer mixture to your container of choice. Can be stored in refrigerator or in a cool dry location.




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