Pillow Talk

If you have to remove a sea of pillows in order to get underneath your comforter, you LOVE pillows as much as I do. If children can build a fort using the pillows decorating your living room couch, then you and I have much to discuss. Let’s talk pillows.

Big, small, oblong, fuzzy, furry, velvety, tasseled, embroidered, satin or tufted, I heart pillows! My husband says we have enough, but I’m not really sure about that. Especially since I like to change them with the season or my mood. I don’t think I can go inside any store that sells home goods and not check out their collection of toss pillows. I do confess, that I may have inadvertently passed on my pillow obsession to my daughter, who when I check on her at night, I generally have to remove the barricade of pillows and stuffed animals to find her cute face.

I’ve been online browsing, and here are some uniquely gorgeous pillows I came across. In case you’re wondering, I haven’t bought any of these…yet 😉


Pillows Pillows Pillows! Find the Direct Links Below


These made me so happy 🙂  Textured Blooms Pillow
Valentine’s Pillows
Love Pillow
Jardiniere Pillow

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