Beach Cooler Essentials

I thought this would make the perfect follow up to our ‘Beach Bag Essentials’ Post. Water and Snacks are Requirements for long beach days, and I decided to list some of my Favorites!!

Tasty and Refreshing Treats to help you beat the Summer Heat!!

Water: An absolute MUST for a long day at the beach. To stay hydrated I love to fill my favorite water bottle and freeze it. This ensures my water stays icy cold even on the hottest of days. *This little trick works great for fruit juices too and makes for a refreshing sweet treat!

PB & J: Well, I have to tell you, nothing beats the classics. You can’t go wrong with this easy to throw together lunch. Whether you prefer to use Peanut or Almond butter, or even if you want to avoid nuts and go with Sesame, this is always a crowd favorite.

Mandarin Oranges: I love these. Affordable and a cinch to toss in the cooler. Easy to peel so it makes the perfect kid friendly snack. A great source of soluble fiber and another great way to stay hydrated.

Frozen Cherries & Grapes: It doesn’t get any better than this folks. These two are my favorite summer time treats. I love to snack on these even when I’m not lounging on the beach. I love to use red seedless grapes. Pluck from the vine, clean thoroughly, then put in a ziploc bag and freeze. Delicious and super refreshing on a hot day. The cherries can be a bit more involved since they should be pitted. Now, I don’t mind red stained finger tips, but if you’d rather avoid that, check this out 😉  If you’d like to avoid removing the pits all together, visit your frozen food section of your local grocer and pick up a bag of frozen cherries.  Enjoy!










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